Our Mission

Our Mission

Sitara strives to provide the highest quality, dynamic, interactive live performances for the whole family. These performances are complemented by a range of workshops, using drama to explore relevant issues.

We believe:

  • Theatre is for everyone
  • Theatre promotes love of story
  • Theatre should be fun
  • Everyone is a star!

Our Story

Since Sitara opened in October 2008, over 300,000 children, ranging from 2-14 years old, and adults have enjoyed Sitara shows.

  • Sitara Entertainment caters for corporate events and commercial venues
  • Sitara Family allows parents and children to experience quality theatre together
  • Sitara Kids offers teacher-friendly school trips.

All three combine to make Sitara the premiere provider of family theatre in Cairo.

Meet Sitara Founders

Meet Sitara Founders

Message from Director

When we first opened Sitara back in 2008, our aim was to provide a fun and educational school trip that was also safe and teacher friendly.  Soon parents started asking when they could come and see the shows as well.  Before long commercial venues and corporate clients wanted some of the Sitara magic…

Sitara has always been about creating inclusive theatre experiences, where everyone felt like part of the story, and once Osman the Bawaab arrived on the scene and we started to include some Arabic in our shows, the dream was realized. 

We are so grateful to the Sitara fans, young and old, for allowing us to do the best job in the world!

Emma Davies – Artistic Director

Emma writes, directs and performs in the shows and workshops. With a Theatre MA from Leeds Uni, Emma worked as an actor in the UK and a teacher in Egypt. She knew she wanted to be an actress from the age of 5 when she started writing plays starring herself! Emma is addicted to reality TV and the potato....


John Barber – Design Artist

John designs and makes all Sitara’s puppets and masks. He also got his MA in Theatre Arts at The Workshop Theatre, Leeds, and works as an actor in theatre and TV. John is famously untidy. He once had a tin of carrots that remained in his living room for over two years. Honest. This is a true story…


Wessam Hanafy - Operations Manager & Bawaab

Wessam joined Sitara in 2009.  As well as dealing with all logistics and handling all venue related issues, Wessam plays the beloved character of Osman the Bawaab.  Osman has proved popular with all ages and nationalities and appears in nearly all Sitara productions.  Osmania is sweeping the nation.....

Meet Sitara Team

Meet Sitara Team

At Sitara every employee is a valued part of the team and creativity and self-expression are encouraged. Sitara’s all-women team are committed to creating a magical experience for children, teachers and families.


Emma Davies

Artistic Director / Actor

Wessam Hanafy

Operations Manager / Actor

Weam Essam


Fatma Refaat

Sales Manager

Sahar Refaat

Head Housekeeper

John Barber

Puppet and Mask Design Artist

Hussein Osman


Mohamed Mosaad

Octopus Studio – Photographer / Graphic Design

Summer Galal Mostafa



Rana Hamdy



Randa Essam



Shorouk el Shennawi

Light and Sound operator / Workshop Leader

Noha Tamer

Actor / Workshop Leader

Funders and Supporters

Funders and Supporters


Contact Sitara for a range of packages


Our Art Matters Programme provides free shows and workshops for children who do not have access to the arts. If you wish to donate a gift, time or money please contact us.

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Phone Numbers

Sitara Kids: 0100 783 2207
Sitara Entertainment: 0122 635 5888
Sitara Family: 0100 783 2207 / 0122 635 5888

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